Californijski Guverner Arnold Schwarzenegger predstavil svoje poglede na okoljsko politiko

(Vodice, 23. 1. 2008) Na prošnjo društva Planet Zemlja je guverner ameriške zvezne države Californija na kratko predstavil svoje poglede in usmeritve glede ohranjanja naravnega okolja in boja proti podnebnim spremembam.

V nadaljevanju objavljamo originalen tekst Guvernerja Schwarzeneggerja:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding California’s environment.

California is known around the world for its incredible beaches, magnificent natural parks and beautiful sky. We’ve been a leader in protecting and managing these resources for the past half century. I want you to know I am committed to ensuring our natural resources are protected and maintained so Californians can continue to enjoy these treasures.

Since taking office, I have created an ocean protection plan to guard our coastline against offshore drilling and improve the water quality of our ocean. I also established the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, which is the largest conservancy in California to preserve and protect 25 million acres of the Sierra Nevada range. To further protect our environment, I will continue to support the Clean Air Act to reduce our state’s air pollution. And because some of the biggest contributors to air pollution are vehicles on the roads, I created the “Breathe Easier” campaign to buy the dirtiest old cars and scrap them, allowing motorists to purchase cleaner cars instead.

I believe our future is in biofuels and hydrogen, not polluting petroleum fuels. California must be a leader as we move away from fossil fuels. That is why I’ve been funding programs like the Hydrogen Highway and alternative fueling stations. Each year Californians will see more and more alternative fueling stations, whether they’re hydrogen or ethanol. Most importantly, this year I launched the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the world’s first fuel standard that will simultaneously reduce our petroleum dependence and our greenhouse gases. I also support developing solar and wind technologies to promote clean and safe sources of energy.

Again, thank you for writing to me.


Arnold Schwarzenegger