Kritiki ameriškemu programu “Cash for clunkers” očitajo vpliv lobistov

V javnosti se pojavlja vse več ostrih kritik ameriškega programa Cash for clunkers, ki bi naj omogočil zamenjavo starih potratnih avtomobilov z novejšimi, ki manj obremenjujejo okolje. V nadaljevanju v celoti in v originalu objavljamo članek avtorja Davida Hendersona, ki izpostavlja največje pomanjkljivosti programa ter ameriških standardov, ki so po njegovem mnenju bistveno slabši od evropskih.

V društvu upamo, da tako ameriška zakonodaja in standardi, kot tudi način sprejemanja (če so kritike načina upravičene), ne bodo niti približno zgled spremembam slovenske davčne zakonodaje na področju motornih vozil.

Easy Money and Washington Greed

I returned from a holiday in Europe to learn that just about the only legislation the U.S. Congress had passed in the last few months was a silly program called Cash for Clunkers  turn in your old gas guzzler to get a rebate to buy another gas guzzler.

Capitol Hill lobbyists and the automobile industry must have been high-fiving all week over this piece of shallow, short-sighted and self-serving piece of legislation by Congress. Lawmakers could go home for their long summer vacation with their pockets full of fresh campaign payoffs. Special interest money trumps the American people any day of the week in Washington.

U.S. vehicle mileage standards are among the world worst simply because members of Congress put payoffs from lobbyists ahead of what’s good for America. Congress didn’t tackle health care – one of the biggest issues facing the country – because it was too complicated and made their brains hurt.

While in Europe, my wife and I drove a Volkswagen Golf. It was diesel powered and got about 46 miles per gallon (converted from kilometres and litres). 46 MPG!!! The European-version of the Golf is a terrific car. In the U.S., it’s called Jetta for some odd reason and doesn’t get good mileage.

You may dislike diesel vehicles because they belch black smoke and stink. Well, that’s only in America. In Europe, diesel fuel is better refined and cleaner. Many cars and trucks run on diesel, and there is no black smoke or stinky smell. The U.S. Congress could order the oil companies to produce cleaner diesel in the U.S. but that might endanger campaign payoffs from lobbyists even though it would lead to long-term fuel conservation.

Now, we’d rather focus on hybrid cars that lug around 1,000 pound toxic batteries that will eventually pollute landfills. Again, it is avoidance of long-term solutions.

Congress is putting America behind the rest of the world on so many critical issues, preferring instead to focus on their own greed and corruption.

David Henderson – author, media strategist