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Planet Earth Society


Dobruša 17c, 1217 Vodice

E-MAIL: info@planet-zemlja.org

WEBSITE: www.planet-zemlja.org

FB: društvo Planet Zemlja

PHONE:+3861 832 48 88

You can see the Planet Earth Society presentation video here.

Our mission is:

to raise awareness about the importance of environmental issues, to communicate »green« topics with the broadest possible public in the most understandable way with a help of experts and through different projects and events.

What do we stand for?

We stand for the responsibility for environment, which we have only borrowed from our children.

What do we do?

We research and communicate about environmental issues, inform public, lobby for legislation changes, raise awareness of target groups and organize different environmental awareness-raising events.

Our values are:

Awareness and commitment, creativity and innovation, care for the environment.


Planet Earth Society was founded in 2007 by the group of enthusiasts, PR advisers and journalists, all aware of how important it is to preserve our environment for future generations. It was established with the goal of communicating environmental issues in the way that most of the general public could understand them and relate to them.

With that in mind we organized our first major event, “Rock for Future Generations”, which was, as one of it’s kind in Slovenia, held on July 7th 2007, as a part of Live Earth events around the world. The event was supported by Al Gore, former US Vice president and Nobel Prize winner. Our association was recognized as Live Earth Friend and organized only such event in Slovenia. According to media estimates, about 3500 people and several distinguished guests attended our concert in Ljubljana.

Planet Earth Society has been since its foundation dedicated to several areas of activity: researching environmental issues, communicating environmental issues, public information, lobbying for legislative change in state bodies, target group and public awareness, organization of environmental awareness-raising events.

Planet Earth Society is also active in other social areas with strong benefit content.

We are proud to say that at the end of 2010 Planet Earth Society was given the status of organization operating in the public interest by the Nature Conservation Act, in 2013 by the Environmental Protection Act and in 2016 by Ministry of Education, Science and Sport in the field of education, which added governmental recognition to our efforts.

Ever since the establishment of our society we have successfully carried out several more projects, concerts, trainings, conferences and other events, that were notable in the public as well as in the media. Some among them are the following:

– Eco-Rally – an event, which also included school of safe and economical driving. Participants – public figures and journalists – learned through an organized ride across Slovenia about economical and environmentally friendly driving (2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015). The event will also take place on October 2016;

– Rock for future generations within the Life Earth events. Concerts with main environmental message have been organized between 2007 and 2010 and every time with the special environmental message for the public;

– Eco Conference – traditional conference, which was organized in 2010 for the first time and became an annual event, which holds lectures and speeches on relevant environmental and ecological topics by distinguished experts and other prominent guests.

– Bridging the Gap – Organization of media center at the international environmental conference

– Music Train: Together with the Slovenian Railways we organized a project with musical trains in 2011. We invited people to join musicians on a train ride to different music events, festivals, concerts and back. The goal of the project was raising eco-awareness through music and fun, to present and visualize the advantages of traveling by train – the train is safer, can also be entertaining, and above all, it’s environmentally friendly. The musicians that joined the project and of course the train ride were Tinkara Kovač, Bojan Cvetrežnik, Terrafolk, Elvis Jackson, Big Foot Mama, Zablujena Generacija, Maja Keuc, Kingston, Tabu & others.

-All-Slovenian competition Planet Earth-friendly School/Preschool (since 2010), which has more than 100 participating primary and secondary schools and preschool institutes every year and is one of Planet Earth Society’s most recognizable projects.

– Planet Earth Friendly Municipality Competition(since 2010). Through the answers, compiled from sent questionnaire, experts from various fields award the titles in three main categories. The competition is supported by Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Slovenia. Ljubljana, the current European Green Capital, also holds the title of Planet-Earth Friendly Municipality 2015.

– All-Slovenian competition for young eco-journalists Green Pen (since 2013). In the only Slovenian competition for young eco-journalists can compete all pupils between 7thgrade of Primary school and 4thgrade of Secondary school. Every year different topic is chosen according to relevant environmental questions. First year the topic was overall review of ecology and environment, second year we chose light according to the UNESCO International year of Light and last year we chose pulses according to the UN General Assembly International year of Pulses.

In the year 2016/17, main topic will be Sustainable Tourism.

– All-Slovenian competition We Have Borrowed the Planet Earth from our Children: The project, originally research project we started in 2006, will be upgraded to the competition for pupils from 6th grade of Primary school to 4th grade of Secondary school in the school year 2016/17. In this project, pupils are looking for “Green” examples in their communities, and nominate them in different categories.

The commission, which consists of different experts and Planet Earth Society members, choose the best nominations and rewards them with special titles.

– Food Revolution: Planet Earth Society is the ambassador of Jamie Oliver Food Revolution global campaign, which was established in 2012 with a purpose to diminish children obesity and promote healthy food and healthy lifestyle. Our association joined it in 2013, and since then, we have successfully organized many events with which we promote the idea of eating healthier, local and home-cooked food. We also promote the idea of cooking from food leftovers with a purpose to diminish the amount of discarded food, which is a big problem all over Europe.

– Eco-Generation – Young Eco-journalists Online Media: Eco-Generation is an online media, a website, on which our association publishes different articles on topics, connected with ecology and environmental protection. Before publishing, all articles are revised by chief editor, so we can prevent publishing inappropriate themes and language use. We also publish articles, sent to us by preschool teachers from institutions that participate in the competition Planet-Earth friendly School/Preschool.